R&D Policy

Our standard and modular crane systems, which are produced and tested according to world norms such as FEM, DIN, CE, are designed using advanced engineering studies and software. The designs of the product are carried out with the static and kinematic analysis method on the computer, and they are made in a 3D (3 dimensional) environment using finite element analysis.
Our company, which never compromises on the use of quality and certified materials, has become “competitive with the quality of the products of global crane manufacturers”. Thanks to its wide machine park, our company, which has the ability to produce most parts in-house, can use the latest CNC technology at every stage of production, and fast, high quality and precise manufacturing can be carried out, especially in parts with large machining dimensions. Our manufacturing standard, which aims to reduce the error rate to “zero” level by carrying out continuous controls in line with the “quality first” principle at every stage of production, constantly increases its quality with test applications made by independent organizations in addition to the quality control unit in our enterprise. For this reason, it has become the “firm preferred by corporate enterprises”.